Saturday, December 2, 2006

usil, iseng, atau perlu?

i do not actually have any intention to write, however, when i typed, wishing to go to the main page then login, i found out that the previous user of this computer has negligently leaving close the mozilla window without logging off. hence i found his page "Hi, Arie!" when i typed the url...
then i remembered something:
this very afternoon, i logged on to rileks to post an announcement concerning AUDC, then i suddenly found out that
1. i received a high-level warning from moderator.
2. i had a new avatar, which is an image of a woman cheated on test (if memory serves). the thing is that she hid her paper--kebetan, kepekan, contekan, whichever in your favor-- inside her bra. just try to imagine you're her. that's what's the picture
3. i had a new profile picture: a dog, ferocious one, nothing special
4. i had a new signature:
"Gw orang aneh..., makanya sign out dulu dong"

it come across my mind: yes its my fault to leave my account logged on, but do they have any right to make fun of it?


-ian- said...

aneh kamu

hilmy said...

i am selalu. like thou hasnot ever seen me ajah