Saturday, December 2, 2006

usil, iseng, atau perlu?

i do not actually have any intention to write, however, when i typed, wishing to go to the main page then login, i found out that the previous user of this computer has negligently leaving close the mozilla window without logging off. hence i found his page "Hi, Arie!" when i typed the url...
then i remembered something:
this very afternoon, i logged on to rileks to post an announcement concerning AUDC, then i suddenly found out that
1. i received a high-level warning from moderator.
2. i had a new avatar, which is an image of a woman cheated on test (if memory serves). the thing is that she hid her paper--kebetan, kepekan, contekan, whichever in your favor-- inside her bra. just try to imagine you're her. that's what's the picture
3. i had a new profile picture: a dog, ferocious one, nothing special
4. i had a new signature:
"Gw orang aneh..., makanya sign out dulu dong"

it come across my mind: yes its my fault to leave my account logged on, but do they have any right to make fun of it?

Monday, November 27, 2006

on our policeman

anyway, tadi siang pas baru dari BEC, ada razia atau operasi lantas atau whatever it is, you know that sort of thing lah... the point is, ada beberapa point:
1. polisinya nggak banget. kenapa? dalam satu razia, polisi harus ngasih hormat dulu, dan minta ijin buat ngliat surat2 itu... what make me ill feel adalah:
a. polisinya ngomong kumur2
b. jelalatan..

>>16.00 waktu jalan purnawarman
polisi menuhin jalan, orang2 disuruh minggir. ada satu polisi ke tengah, ngasih isyarat pake tangan buat minggir...
polisi mendekat, ngasih hormat, tapi mandang ke arah lain (i.e. jelalatan)
me: *ini polisi ga niat amat sih, ngasih hormat tapi jelalatan*
polisi: mas, ngukjkeuaoyffakeui?
me: he? *tapi sambil ngeluarin sim+stnk, assuming itu yang dia mau.
polisi: *ngeliatin sim+stnk, mpe dibolak-balik*
*balikin stnk, trus ngloyor*

poin kedua adalah:
why on earth we have such razia?toh mostly orang2 yang ditangkep adalah orang2 yang stk ato simnya ketinggalan. i see none of any tangible benefit possible. it's like menurunkan DUI, which simply memperbanyak orang dengan label pelanggar hukum, bukan menurunkan tingkat kecelakaan karena orang mabuk..

Saturday, November 25, 2006

saturday night...

why on earth people are actually rushing to get out when they'd get stuck in the street somehow?

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

this, is just a mere attempt tocollect the my beloved 1-giga flashdisk gone to realmof unknownwhereabout.i hope it do not violate any law regarding intellectual right. and my current space bar isn't working properly.

*in a sour mood, facing a midterm test next friday*

Friday, November 3, 2006


we'll see berapa lama sebelum bosen dan lupa take over control