Saturday, February 17, 2007

me and my w810i


I my train delay

I to have an impromtu quiz


I nuntun motor bocor dari kos ke tambal ban 0.7 km away

I the rain

I my damp shoes in class


I nuntun motor bocor dari kos ke tambal ban 0.7 km away, again

I jemuran keujanan.

I bionet lelet


I dpj 4

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Gramedia Paris Van Java Soft Opening

As you might know, it's always feel way good when you actually completed your task, especially given that you have only limited time. And it's what i feel at the moment, having spent 4 days at home, actually doing things, not mere idle, and when i return to bandung for a mere 3 days, i wasn't idle as well; which is quite a contrast with my first half of holiday-time, when i spent my days only to sleep, whine, and of course, being idle.

And what have i accomplished during my 3days in bandung, actually? To be frank, tis not something highly unique, or anything, because it's only that i managed to go to gramedia's new store soft opening in paris van java. The thing is that, that day i went is the last day of their soft opening promo, 30% off all item!

Gyah, a mere sale? You can say so, but when you're actually prefer to spent your money in togamas, where they gave discount 15-25%, a 30% discount is definitely something not to be missed!

However, my enthusiasm faded when i see that i share the lets-go-for-3o%-discount sentiment with another hundred of people. ahem, hundred. yes, hundred.

Now, i do have been in such situation before, where i crammed in with so many people in Hypermart BIP soft opening or Carrefour in the day before Lebaran. but it's just different. Hell, it's bookstore; the last place you'd imagine that you'll have to walk extracareful not to bump to other people, and the last place you'd thought may be labelled as a salad bowl. I do actually see pot-bellied businessmen, high school uniforms, kids crying (she bump her head to a shelf), gals with tanktops, transvestite, and a beautiful lady which looks so elegant with her white shirt and hugs 2rims of papers. OK, maybe i only perceive her beauty as she was standing behind that pot-bellied expats, which provide an extreme contrast...

That night, i walk--ride, to be precise--home exhaustedly, as i have to stand in a queue for 30minutes, behind another ten of people. Yet, i'd say it's worthwhile when you actually save 50thousand rupiahs for Jejak Langkah and Rumah Kaca, the final books of Pramoedya's Buru Tetralogy.