Monday, July 30, 2007

when persistence prevails

anything blogworthy all the while? you bet.

all i can feel at the moment is that all my persistence paid off, and i'm not talking of my personal record, as i only ranked 14th in the speaker's standing, which served as floor for the other 5 debaters from the contingent; but that's all in being a president, isn't it? a humble me, at your service.

given that it was not a formidable me, what's innit? it is just that all the gleaming victory brought us another victor, a prominent member of SEF, with a strong likelihood to be another persistent and performing member. on second thought, it should've been in plural form, victors, as all three members of JOVED champion are (hopefully) delivering the same likelihood aforementioned.

how is it paid off? obviously, when all these performing members stay, they'll ease up the burden of the administration to lure new souls to the trap of debating pit, raise hell to be sold for a penny or two, and book flight to bangkok..

considering all the hardship endured (thin bed on the floor, NPT-non performing teams, zero-yield victory points) and all relief (euphoria-inducing AUDC, silver lining in PIMNAS-prize) all i can say is all hell break loose, for all you wish for an administration anew is well avail ahead.

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