Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oh,those wondrous jealous stare on me!

It is somewhat funny,how we frequently re-question ourselves of what do we actually want.
Take a look at myself,for instant--and because i have no other example. As a frequent business class user of indonesia's train service,there's nothing i wished more than a vacant seat next to me,thus i can occupy it for the world safety[1].

But then again,when everybody else got a seatmate sitting next to them,you begin to wonder,if this vacant seat next to you will be the thing you prized in your life,second only to maximum length of your sleep start to feel lonely,and begin to wish that you had a seatmate,just like everybody else,just to avoid their stare of envy-induced angst.

But evidenty your brain knows better than yourself.Once you begin to notify the word envy in the preceding paragraph,and the fact that an ideal seatmate will spend their time snoring to your ear,its oh what a wonderful world!
[1] lie back and sleep like hell, which contributes significantly to the safety of the world.

1 comment:

-ian- said...

makanya naek pesawat aja MAs, dari Bandung Jogja(kayaknya sih ga ada), ato ke jakarta dulu, haha,,,uang dari Ukraina masih kan? huahua,,,kidding

and then, you start to make a philosophical idea. LOL