Saturday, September 22, 2007


situation #1

i can only offer you my humble apology, as i was being a pain in the ass. hope you know me long enough that it's just that its money. my humble apology. hope we meet again.

situation #2

i can only offer you my apology, as i flattered your hope high with a game of chance, and set you back to earth. hope you find it in your heart to see a different and keeping me. my humble apology. hope we fight along again.

situation #3

an apology is not enough when we're repeating the same deeds again, isn't it? but if that's your nature, guess i have to put up with it.

situations #4

all different as you left. all fun ceased and all enthusiasm vanished. but what can we do? what can i do?

situation #5

I have yet to change my insecure self. and I appreciate everything you did. I can only offer you my apology if you found me as a non-sharing-person. hope you understand. my apology. hope you will found me different someday.

Hint: [all situation goes to different person. if you find yourself enlisted, perhaps i do meant it to you]

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