Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yep, above are my favourite album covers, and the songs listed under the album will have a high play count, if only walkman counts how many time those song are played on the phone. upon further inspection, I'm sure you can easily find a common denominator of those seven covers: the parental advisory label, as some of the songs contain explicit contents.

If you encounters me on a regular basis, I'm hope you never see mee as a potty mouth, while I myself have a tendency to list pacifist under my characteristic. and javanese101 will teach you not to confront anyone directly, thus lessening the occassion to employ such words.

While it would not be baseless for you to say that my favorite list is somehow made to compensate my characteristic (and maybe it is), I'd like to contend that it's more to the rhythm of the musics that made them to my list. just google up The Bird And The Bee, and then it'd be pretty easy to say that this is a view shared by many; while Nellie McKay's Get Away From Me sure has a witty lyrics.

what i would like to offer as a lesson is a well-known idiom, and for people it is easier said than done: never judge a book by its cover. Sure, some books (or movies, or music albums, or institutions, or people) are crappy and their covers (or posters and trailers, or covers, or logo and taglines, or faces and attires) communicate much of its their crap inside, but it is none of an assured parameted to deduce a quality of work. there are countless stories told where people like you and me deceived to buy an item or two that should be listed as mediocre at best but its advertisements or packages are so damn compelling. of course, it also apply on the contrary, where out of utter chance we tried (or read, or listen, or watch, or order, or acquaint) things we would never order in usual circumstance, and on some special occassion, surprised by its quality.

this is where the folly of absolutism label lies: it simply is dangerous to put the world in a 1-bit mode of black and white, as things inherently have its good and bad side. i personally believe you cannot disregard both extremes of features. and if the recent brouhaha over Roy Suryo's remark on blogger, and the new UU ITE, and on Fitna is of any indication, it shows that at the very least, the world is absurd: some people will fervently reject any imposition of absolutism towards them yet in the very same time seeing the world in a black-and-white perspective.

and i guess there's next to nothing that we can do to alter that. you may call me a pessimist, and i'd happily list it on my index of character, just below pragmatic, several lines below pacifict, and well above affectionate.

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