Monday, April 7, 2008

rambling #1

This is what I wrote Sunday last week, when bad mood kicked. But now I'm good again.  Really.

Cranky, testy and grouchy. Chronic and perpetual when it's the time of the semester: exam.

What's more, you can never expect any solace in any organization you join, as they're more likely to aggravate your stress and bad mood.

Which is what happened to me these days.

It began with Thursday, when I have a lab schedule to observe as a part of astronomy lab course. Curse it! The preparation needed was tedious, wearisome, exhaustive and rigorous in its literal sense. And yes, my lector is part of it. Which is the reason why I partially detest him at this point. My bad mood at the observation session was enough to make me thinking of starting an anonymous blog just for the cause of defamation. Thank god my mood got better after a plate full of food and a sachet of Antangin JRG (thanks, Lucky!). Now at least I can refrain from saying ugly things of him.

Then, before the weariness wane, we had to participate in ITB Expo, which require us to decorate our booth. A. Lot. Of. Work. Shall I say I am overwhelmed? You're a useless slug if you haven't figured that out.

For the next two days, I gracefully evade the hubbub in our booth by signing up to adjudicate the debate tournament, hold as a part of ITB Expo itself. Little did I know that it's not a saving grace. The debates were awful. Hideous. Dreadful flaws of logics. And the food was too salty on day one.

But finally it ends, with a relief I prepared for my midtest on stellar physics. Again, it did not go well. Means there'll be a lot of hard work on final exam. Yukk. As far as the chains of exams went, interstellar matter was a decent one. The same can be said for galactic astronomy, but not for cosmology and astronomy lab, where I cannot recall anything I memorize the night before.

My anguish did not end there, because shortly after my last test or the week ends and I prepare to immerse myself with the bliss of all-night online to cheer myself up, I was barred from happiness! Aaargh! Because I have to pay attention on the meeting for the astronomy students association, hereafter shall be known as h*, one of the most lethargic body I joined as a part of tradition. As usual, delay and late was to be expected, and a scheduled one-hour meeting has to be extended to 3 hours!

In order to preserve my sanity, I get away, to embrace a sound presentation of logic at SEF's training for upcoming alsa ui ecomp. But I did not get what I seek, instead, I got provoked by the pricks working for campus bureaucracy, as well as by my peers, particularly with one’s attitude.. Little fool! Miserable miscreant! And total hypocrite. I have no other word to label someone that can openly say demeaning remarks of "dia kan bego" on jobs requiring English proficiency while in the same time do not know what the word entitled means.

And walked back ho h*, my little hope of get-together escapade to a cinema dissolved into thin air. And I found myself brazen and blatant, kicking things, made a mess on my room when I got home.

So, now what? I've done four ice creams today, and hardly feeling any better, yet painfully aware of the rapid thinning of my wallet. Tons of laundry to do, a room to clean, assignments to do. I feel the very need to punch somebody's light out right now. Can anybody blame me for choosing Get Set Go – I Hate Everyone as my song of the week?

One last thing: help me to refrain myself from saying or writing ugly things about these same people in the near future, will you?

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