Thursday, July 17, 2008

Manila Misadventures#0: Discordant and Discontented

I'm truly disappointed. Mostly to myself, but I also have a fair share of blame on the others. Though of course, I kept it to myself as I stifle my disagreement from the others. Pretty sure it left a scar. But there's no good in whining, is there? Aside from relieve the pressure a bit for me, of course.

If you don't follow my rambling at the moment, then that's good. But if you bear a bit, some stories from our Manila Misadventure will shortly follow. And some snapshot of it as well, if connection permits.


puspa said...

what happened, eh? share me ur stories then.. KAPAN PULANG?!?!! aku mau pinjem bukuuuu..

Liza said...

Masyhur elo ke manila?? *gak yakin tapi tetep mupeng