Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Assorted Finds #1

One thing that I liked about ateneo australs was the fact that they played funny videos related to the debating topics before each heading was announced. It was the first for me to see that the fun in debating tournament can actually be shared by many. Apparently, I am not the only one impressed, as Uphie tried to replicate this in NEO (fail, multimedia not ready), and apparently in the last JOVED as well (wasn't there, can't comment much on it). 

This trend was followed in this year's australs but IMO, the videos aren't as funny as last years'. Perhaps if I can spend some more time I'll list down (and actually embed) the videos from last year here. But in the meantime, I had too many idle times in my hand and actually come across several videos that made its impression on me. So here's two videos that I could've used for two headings:


Or, alternatively, you can just play Nellie McKay - Clonie for all to see (or listen).



I initally put down a video of college humor targeting Don't Ask Don't Tell policy for Sexuality-slash-Bigotry, but after yesterday's Grey's Anatomy, there was one awesome scene where Calliope Torres (Sara Ramirez) and his father throwing bible verses one to another. I mean, that was awesome! Uhm, and touching. You know, that's how I always imagined MTQ debate should be. I tried to find the video at YouTube, but can't find it. Perhaps later.

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