Saturday, October 17, 2009

It sucks. It does.

I'm the odd new guy. Story of my life. Can I have another set of personalities? You know, just as spare and variation. I'm bored with this one already.



I decided I'd better move the whines and rant. Not really encouraging, that's why. So I made it un-public. Thank you for those who gave me support in response for the post. Time to move on, I guess.


Marsha said...

Adaptating with new environment has always been a big problem for me, and I see that you're pretty much the same. I'm currently having this kind of desperation too, and yes it sucks, with the exception that I'm in Indonesia...

Quoting what Norman once said to me and Ega, "You can't expect the world to wait for you. It's you who should catch up with the rythm of the world". I guess it's a good cheering-up words for you rite now. Go Masyhur! I know you can go thru all this. Bring back that cheery Javanese smile to your life! :)

hilmy said...

I think adapting with new environment is a problem for everyone, which is why every time we see someone making drastic change, we throw parties (be it welcoming party, or farewell party).

But thank you for the kind words!

-ian- said...

wah mas, beberapa bulan pertama emang susah >.<
tapi aku yakin kmu bisa :)
all the best !
be strong, dude !