Monday, November 2, 2009

Natural Selection

"You would think that there will be sadness when you start to pull away from Earth. An ache for the mountains, what's left of the beaches. For the sweet smell of the fresh air.

My guess, there is a little bit of that. But, when you are an astronaut, you start asking your self question like: How the hell did I get here? Is it hard work? Fate? Was it a hand of God?

You ask yourself: Why am I one of the lucky suckers leaving? And not one of the poor bastards being left behind?

I think that the obvious question is simply: what the hell happened?

And the obvious answer is that we do not really know."

For your information, today's blog post is brought to you by Defying Gravity.

"Sometimes, I think that the only natural selection happens in the petri dish.

But, if it's in the petri dish, that's not really natural, isn't it?"


Hanandhita said...

this template looks better anyway.
knapa coba kamu tiba2 nge post ttg fate dlsb?

gara2 materi kuliah, I assume :P

- Puspa.

hilmy said...

Aku baru nemu serial baru: Defying Gravity, it's about a space ship crew on the grand journey of our solar system. Sci-Fi, dan bagus. And that part of the quote resonates to me. Tinggal coret astronautnya, ganti sama [ehm ehm ehm].

And I decided buat memodifikasi sedikit minima white, and I am pleased with the result as well.

Hanandhita said...

"Tinggal coret astronautnya, ganti sama [ehm ehm ehm]"
ahahahahaha.. dasar!!
eh, I need to discuss about denating with you..
IM me when u're not busy ya :)

- Puspa