Tuesday, December 8, 2009


My 1000th tweet. I wasn't even consciously counting, but I liked this one: combines my eternal lust for shiny gadgets plus novel use of human appendages as well as simple experiments, while the motive was season-related. So much for 140 character limit.
And yes, I should be studying, not watching The Big Bang Theory, not watching Castle, not watching How I Met Your Mother, not watching ROFL, not tweeting, not blogging. God help me.


hilmy said...

And the post was logged at 11:11! Bener-bener ga penting.

Hanandhita said...


Intan Alasdair said...

Seriously. This is sooo not important but when I read 11:11 I immediately remembered Peraturan Bank Indonesia No.11/11/PBI/2009 - Penyelenggaraan Kegiatan Alat Pembayaran Dengan Menggunakan Kartu.