Tuesday, February 16, 2010


When I was in my final year in high school, every morning was like clockwork. I will wake up at 600 or 605, and then take a bath, get dressed, locate missing clothing uniform article, have breakfast, ensure I bring the right book for the day, locating keys, wallet, and registration, and I have to be out on my motorbike at latest by 630.

School started at 650, which means only 20 minutes available to cover 13-or-so km from home to school.

Along the way, there's a train crossing, which means I need to time it accurately so I didn't stuck on the wrong side. Also, other people whose school started at 700.

My best time was 17 minutes, and because there are turns and intersections and sloping road with paddy fields on my right and left, my speed varies along the way. Precisely for that reason I always tried to speed up to 80-100 km/h where available to make up the lost time.

I am proud to say that I had zero accident on my way going to school at that year. The only accidents I had when I was in high school happens one and two years before that.

Both alone, just me on the road trying to get home and to a additional physics lesson, respectively, when for no particular reason my minds drifted off, spacing out and then..


Hey, I was on the road and my motorbike is 2 meters away from me! Some bleeding then got involved, and after I got home, rest for a day, and I will ache and feel sore all over where my body meets asphalt.

This is how I feel right now. after the skiing. Which shouldn't be a surprise because I am never good at sports. So I fell a lot.

The difference? On a single bike accident, there was only one instance where the forceful impact happen. on two-day ski trip? I didn't even bother to count. I fell on my ass, on my right shoulder, left, back, leg, face, gut, chest.

And for that I paid almost 20000 yen.

Every time I eat with a westerner, inevitable someone will say some comments on how we pay the restaurant to let us cook the food on the table (sukiyaki, okonomiyaki, and pretty much every food there is) before we eat it is a very fascinating concept.

What about paying money to let us hurt ourselves?

Now that's fascinating.


egalita said...

I'd prefer sledding to skiing, it's way safer. You'll still fall, but it's not as harsh :) But hey admit it, skiing is fun!

hilmy said...

the option was between skiing and snowboarding. I thought skiing will be easier because you have poles. Oh, how wrong i was.
as for sledding, too bad Kyoto is not Ohio with it's heavy snow to turn nearby hills to sledding places.