Monday, December 6, 2010

The Sun


I wonder if the Sun ever feels loneliness. Flattered, but lonely.
He has four gaseous things that adore him from afar. They shine, alright, but their beams are borrowed light. Miserable specks of stolen splendor.
From him.


I wonder if the Sun ever feels jealousy. Stuck in a solitary with no one to keep him company.
He has no companion star, and when he gaze for the brilliance that lies near, would envy be something he fear? 
For a mere parsec away, the Centauris couple seemed happy with each other. She shine her light on him, his on her, rotating in an eternal dance. 
Blessed with Proxima Centauri, he thought that they might as well have a white picket fence (with roses!) around their dwelling.


I wonder if the Sun ever feels regret. The scars, they were never intended to be there.
Yet for all he said and done, Mercury is burnt, and Venus is barren. 
So much for brilliance. And he is not even that stunning. He.. is stock. If one care to traverse the galaxy, his kind is really abundant. 
So he traverses. 


I wonder if the Sun ever feel hopeless. Felt that all that is there in the store for him is wasting away.
Tugged by gravity, he travels the galaxy. He follows the faint traces of other stars before him, hoping for an interaction or two.
But lately it dawned on him: it's a moving target. No matter how long he walks on his path, dragging his victims and admirers along, it's one emptiness after another. He realizes that others have also been there in this journey, but they left him on his own.


I wonder if the Sun ever feel the universe is unfair. 
Afterall, what good is longevity when you are subjected to involuntary solitary?


I wonder if the Sun ever wished for the future. For everything to be different than they are.


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To: "yellowdoorknob"
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You know, you really shouldn't worry. I know anthropomorphizing celestial bodies is fun and all, but ultimately it never changes anything. I'm perfectly content where I am. Maybe you should, too. 

PS: You might want to worry about Gaia a bit, though. I heard her wheeze the other day. You know how proud she is, she won't even ask for help, not even when she bleeds oil. 
PPS: Don't let her know I said that about her!


Puspa. said...

secret admirer? :D
don;t forget to send me letters, Andrea Sachs!

ish said...

eh jadi salah satu penpal-mu itu mamas ya pus? ga ada orang lain kah? *bingung*