Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So you abhor violence

And you saw what can only be classified as a naked display of violence. You saw a cuffed man, wailing. Loudly. 

Which is an acceptable response, given that at that moment five people were taking turns beating him. Punching him at the face and gut. Slapping his left cheek and right. 

Where was this? This was at Dukuh Atas busway stop, Jakarta. Early morning on Wednesday, March 23rd. 

Given the appearance of who beating whom (four transjakarta employees and one man in white formal shirt beating a man in orange-and-black t-shirt), I think my assumption that they were beating a petty thief caught red-handed must not have been far from the truth. 

And he wailed, loudly. 

So I averted my sight, cranked up the volume of my iPod. 

And still he wailed. 

Oh, tush, you bleeding heart. He was not even bleeding. See other waiting passengers' sight: see their eyes widened watching the violence, see them glued to the scene. 

Fortunately the bus I was waiting for was coming. So away I went. 

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