Friday, April 27, 2012


I have been in Bali since a week ago and I think I begin to see why some people get charmed by Bali. And ending up spending the rest of their lives here.

For non-indonesians, the island is pretty foreigner-friendly. The locals know that they are sharing the island with visitors, a lot of people understand English, a relatively cheaper cost of living compared to first world countries, not having to be constantly harassed by endless "Hello Mister!"; this list can get quite long.

Though there are also some people whom you interact with who will leave you wishing you have the gift of always-ready witty reply.

Take a look at exhibit 1: a policeman in Nusa Dua. I was just getting off the boat after my first open water dive, and feeling that I had to pee really bad, I ran to where my instructor said there will be toilet. I saw the policeman there, and naturally ask him where the toilet is.

To which he replied, "Aslinya mana Mas?"

Which instantly qualified it to be one of the worst small talks ever. Incredulous, I asked him again where the toilet is and he responded with, "Di sana, tapi ngapain buru-buru sih Mas?"

Menurut Ngana? Dikira gw mau ngejar kereta apa ya?

It is no secret that I hold no great love for our police corps. This did not change it for the better, for my impression was that he was so unoccupied he can afford to make small talk to guests using the toilet (My using the toilet wasn't the end of it, mind you, for there were "Udah kerja, Mas? Ooo baru selesai kuliah? Kelahiran tahun berapa sih? Lah, delapan-delapan sih seumuran sama saya,")

But if this were a punishment I have to endure for disrupting the bottom reef environment, then I'll let it slide. I know that this somewhat uncharacteristic of me, doing karma accounting and all, but I really have to admit that I am quite the opposite of being the epitome of graceful movements*. Part of this is the fact that staying neutrally buoyant is a new thing for me, and this resulted in me sinking quite a lot and thus probably I touched more reefs than I am aware of. And disturbed the sandy bottom more times than I can count of. And scared the fishes and their food more often then I thought.

So every time I sunk, or felt bottom under my fins, or brushed something with my arms, I was silently screaming, "I'm sorry fishes! Reefs! I know I'm a bad guest! Sorry again! Agh, apologies!"

But my cheeks did get stung by jellyfishes upon exiting the water, though. Their retributions were instant.

And I see I can't boast cheeks smooth as a baby's bottom anymore**

* in other word, grusak-grusuk.
**Not that I ever could, but hey.

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