Thursday, January 11, 2007

me, altogether

Too charming to resist, too good to be true. yes, ladies and gentlemen,we're not talking about Bartimaeus of Uruk, i was referring to me!

*gyahahaha, now gimme time to laugh on myself for awhile*

By now you might be wondering what in the world--or in my campus-- is actually happening: here's the story: as you might have known, i'm currently engaging in 3 organization in my campus at the present: those are himastron, persma and sef. And it was just very yesterday that i was asked to join an interview to determine who's going to handle the next joined-caderization of FMIPA as a chief. This interview, hold together by the coalition of amisca, himafi, himastron, and himatika, is scheduled to interview 12 people from 4 himpunan, and i was the 11th to be interviewed.

Thus the interview went, they asked pretty much standard questions to me, which to me was like business-as-usual, where i even have to squeezed the interview between meal in Pizza Hut. the question were'nt startling, and you have me interviewed by 4 kahim; spell it out together, and what do you get? Yes, they picked me to go to the next round, along with 2 guys from mathematics. You might think that being the 11th one, they'll have decided their own preferences, nice and ready to go without me. Conversely, they even scheduled us to to a hearing tomorrow at 1pm.

The funny part (to me, which is that counts) is that i know i'm good (try to see my leadership appointment record, hehehe) and i can't help but grin all day.. I know i'm being a bit of self centered right now, but hey, it's me, too charming to resist.

Now that's too much, i gotta stop before you all thrown out what you've eaten. or have you?

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