Saturday, June 30, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

the-much-awaited-final sequel of Harry Potter series is finally nearing our door--speaking literally for some who order that, of course. meanwhile, i and the rest of the people who cannot afford such luxury, will have to be content with mere glimpse of the launching hype; and perhaps, if we're lucky enough, there will be someone who share it with these unfortunates to quench their--mine included--curiosity, one way or another.

anyway, just like the previous books of the series, prior the official launching date there always the usual stuff of claims of leakage, and the sham e-book of the deathly hallows has already circulated wildly in the net, and ITB network is no exemption.

out of curiosity, i decidedly downloaded it and spent 6 hours of my time reading it, while i'm supposedly doing my matter research. however, one can't help to wonder how these sham-creator mind to devote much of their time to came up and wrote the sham. still, this particular sham was quite good--compared to what i had prior the Half-Blood Prince, when the sham-writer focused on how beefy Malfoy's chest was. *snort* at least this sham came up with the idea of Kreacher going with R.A.B. when retrieving the locket, and that all it takes to destroy the locket-Horcrux was a simple command in Parseltongue.

yet as good as it was, it just can't be Rowling's, due to several feature of the sham that i observed, i.e:

1. unwittingly plain chapter title..

seeing how Rowling never came up to titled the chapter in a blunt way, say "Harry's Curse and Hagrid's Anger". it's just so helplessly dull..

2. incorporation

don't you think Snape is not the ablsolute villain you'll have to loath? that Malfoy is just a victim of circumstances? nearly all the theory that you hope are true, is incorporated here. Malfoy and Snape fans, please stand up..

3. all hail Hollywood!

not that hollywood, but where else can you find a scene where someone was knocked off their consciousness, he woke up to find he had made love unwillingly---or some sort, it was 3 am in the morning, i can't quite remember. obviously, this scene then lead to a row. on second thought, it also sounds similar to indonesia's sinetron...

Apparently, with all that available now, we will have to be patient till July 21st.

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