Thursday, June 7, 2007

I Am Formidable!

it was not exactly the holiday that you're waiting for.

let's see with this simple fact:

i was formidable, where even my high school teacher hearken me...

moving on to college, i was formidable;

along with ijul, toto, or mita, in persma. though not in core administration; last friday i was one of the quartet to appoint the next project officer for persma.

together with aino and uphie, we made it to the E-For-L AUDC Semifinal, and counting tyson, i'm still in the top 4 ITB Speaker's rank.

a trio with Dyas and Lucky, we consistently made Astronomy 2004 looks gloomy, as the trio of 2005 deliver a superb result.

that, was that.

not today.

my sense of formidability was shattered, as i found myself scrambling to reach 3.00/4.00 GPAindex this semester. all i got is a mere C in Electricity-Magnetostatic, and failed to boost my thermodynamics to A, it ended in B.

and the worst part is that i'm all liable in my own failure. february? twas IVED purwokerto. march? we happily went to NTU for Dorothy Cheung. april? even my resignation from ALSA-UI and NUEDC contingent do not stop me from debating. May? retreat? Nay,we have AUDC in our premises...

hard blow? try tell me something new. i just wish it only happens once in a blue moon.

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ron2 said...

hhh,,, hal yang sama yang kualami,,, aku juga anjlok ke (lebih sial dari kamu) PMDK sedikit banyak berhubungan sama euforia yang ditimbulkan oleh lembur Pectria, buletin kami,,
ganbatte, bRo! kamu bisa!