Tuesday, December 4, 2007

(un)connecting people

Just like growing up, technology, and abroad experience, interconnectedness is overrated. We hype ourselves that this gadget and that will put us always connected with someone else. But do we really need that?

I've put myself to an experiment, in which I refuse to top-up my cell phone for a week. And it feels great! One of my best week ever. How so?

It's simple, really. when you refuse to top-up, the only way people can reach you is when they call you. Or even better, meet you. Which currently fades away in our social life.

Not having any credit in your cell means that you can have a convenient escape to why you dont reply people's messages. And here, we hardly use any answering machine, or voice mail, for that matter.

If you say that without any credit in your cell it would be impossible for you to hook up to the net via Opera Mini, for example, or Gmail thru GPRS, so be it. There's not much in our inbox that wouldn't be classified as junk, anyway.

However, as blissful it is in being ignorant, this measure of tranquility should only be practiced with extra caution and consideration. Ignorance will evolve to irresponsibility when you do this in planning an event for an organization. Which is why this measure will only suitable for individuals with extreme stress and urgent need of getaway. with minimum cost.

Oh, losing your handphone will also gives you a similar effect which can be prolonged for quite a time. However, it will cost you extra as at one point, you'd need to buy a new one. This will be particularly hurting your financial if the lost item is a handphone with mega-pixel camera, music edition, or super thin design. Unless if you're that stinking rich. And it's not that we'd need them every minute in our life.

PS: my im3 account currently only have Rp 21 in it. and I'll make sure that if it's not that bit important, I'll not waste any cent of my Rp 17070 in my esia number. This. Will. Last.

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