Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What I think on 'What the World Think of God'

For a politician, Imran Khan certainly is not compelling, nor persuading or convincing. How did he get elected? Meanwhile, nun Wendy Beckett is certainly more concerned on packages than on what really matters on discussion. And I found that simply distracting. And frustrating.

Regarding the poll numbers, for Indonesia, we pray a lot[1]. but mostly its because we're in poverty, similar to Indian novelist Sagarika Ghose's point of view to why Hindu ranks highest on praying frequency. 

Interestingly, only about one in four people in Indonesia claimed that they had studied religious text[2]. This may explain the reason why we're short minded and easily agitated in regard of whether a particular thing offend our religion(s). 

However, most of the reason why people in UK don't believe in God is because of the sufferings in the world[3]. Conversely, we're in Indonesia seems to be the ones who live through the suffering but we ranked top 3 as the most religious nation[4]. Is watching more painful than living? 

As the show progressed, the blame game question puts UK as country with highest proportion of finger-pointing people on the poll, while Indonesia has the lowest, with a mere than 8% agree to "I blame people of other religion for much of the trouble in the world."[5]

A very good show from BBC, overall. I'd recommend it to all of you, reader(s).


Bonus: complete snapshots of the statistics and quotes shown at the show, here.

And apparently I have trouble putting link from each reference point to the respective image, so you can just head off to the album. Hope I can fix it asap.

And apparently it was not a recent show. but still a good show, nonetheless. see their website here

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