Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rambling#2: non semper erit aestas

Me: Everything that can possibly go wrong went wrong.
Farah: N What was that? Ss (spesial sambal-red) tutup? :p
Me: Now that's a scary thought. 

But really. on July 31st, one of my friend told me that I need to reach Bandung by Aug 4th at the latest to process my final project plan. Seeing no need to hurry, I arrived aug 4th in the morning. At precisely 9am, I was told that the administration closed on Aug 1st. A good waste of energy and money for train.

I began distributed translation works to some at July 27th, giving a week deadline for everyone. Made an exception to one particular, being promised that he would have done it by Aug 4th. Not only did he did not finished it, on precisely Aug 4th, he just began to transfer the work to someone else without me knowing! Effectively deterred the completion of the work by 2 days.

All parts of translated document sent back to me to be compiled before final submission. Found two pages left untranslated. She insisted on her claim that she had translated it all. After two weeks' worth of haggling, it turns out that she had mis-attached the document.

Assigned a paper for me to read since two months ago. After cross-checking, apparently I downloaded and printed the wrong paper. Though it's not like I already able to digest the content just yet. 

Humming happy songs when found out that my leadership workshop application got through. Happily confirmed my attendance in the next workshop. Only after got in Bandung again I realized that the workshop will be hold in the same date with the series of events accompanying the Astronomy Olympiad, one I'm highly expected to participated in. 

Return back to klaten on Aug 10th, hoping cheery thought, fun with everyone else. But then found out that cheery hope is futile. Danti is being hospitalized. Arry is swamped with his last week of work. Cindy is stuck with KKN. Meanwhile, the TV tuner I brought for my sister was rendered useless, as one very important piece of cable missing.

Had it not been because The Dark Knight and the fact that now I officially no longer SEF president, the last two weeks of holiday would deserve a special tag of hell on Earth. 

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