Sunday, January 4, 2009

Altered Carbon - Richard Morgan

Sometimes after getting to the final one-sixth part of the book, suddenly I feel to myself that had I been seeing its movie adaptation first, chances are I would just dismiss it as another Creepies: Attack on Tresure Islands.

Why? Because, out of the blue, there was a fight simply for the sake of fight. And some of the narration would be hard to be reproduced on screen. Surely the actors won't live up to my imagination. Take the following excerpt for example:

I turned to look her in the eye.
"Yes. I know."
Her mouth clamped down on a tremor.
"Good. Then let's do it."
[page 350, Kovacs talking to Eliott]

For all I know, I might misread the expression as a constipated look. But maybe that's because my overexposure with sinetron while I'm home for Christmas holiday. Hours of watching incompetent so-proclaimed actresses may tend to give you just that.

But overall, I think that Altered Carbon is a good read. the imagination of the future being so realistic, you can't help but ponders if our civilization will take the same path. There's also bits of wits that is simply amusing. Now all I have to do is find someone to make me a tee with the saying of You have the right to remain silent. Why don't you try it jst for a while?

Oh, mind you, there's also plenty of sex scenes and nudity. Well, it's part of the plot anyway, to bring a Meth in charge of a whorehouse down. With a bang. Without proper directing and substandard acting of its casts, all the more it will seems seedy to me. By the way, the film right for this book has been bought by Joel Silver.

So here's hoping for a good movie adaptation, for a book I rate (3/5).
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