Thursday, July 9, 2009

It rains on the just and unjust alike -- Rorschach

So two days ago was my first day back in Bandung!

Not that there's anything particularly interesting, mind you. But I ended up watching superheroes movies in the night. Masked avenger, if you will.

Although Garfield Pet Force may not be my usual diet of masked avenger, it was first, then Justice League - The New Frontier and Watchmen. I have watched the latter two previously, but both is just quotable. I wouldn't even mind watching Watchmen again if it actually screened at the theaters in Bandung.

A few days ago, I wrote in one online forum in itb that there's something that I don't like from Watchmen's ending. Too hasty, and not as profound as the rest of the movie, or at least so I thought, relying on the first impression from the first time I watched the movie in Jogja. What I forgot was that it was completely biased: I was hungry, no dinner before and shivering under the blasting air conditioner. I am how happily say that I stand corrected. It was as good as it gets.

Mundane, I know, but then again, what is this blog but to sate my self indulgence? Eheh.

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