Wednesday, January 20, 2010


ITB C won IVED! Now I can be euphoric at least for a day.

Being the host is already a challenge, and to top it off, winning the whole thing. One thing I don't like is I can't be there. But still a hearty congratulations for Marsha, Kirana, and Dito!
On another note, I'd hate to be called superstitious, but save for NEO, where I was present, all ITB victory announcement seems to require my absence? JOVED, I was en route to train station. NUEDC, I was already in the train station. IVED, I'm miles away. The list is fairly populated. While I'm there, if I am in the finals representing ITB, it seems to require me losing. One, two, three tournaments. Oh well. at least I can be euphoric for the day.

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