Saturday, January 30, 2010

The List Of Things To Do Before Dying

Some would call it Life Targets. Me? I prefer to have a To-Do List Before I Die.

In no particular order:

Create. To be decided: raise a pet, plant a tree, have kid, or build an intelligent robot.
Destruct. Literally destroy something big in pieces or win a sword fight; preferably non-lethal one.
Dive. Confront fear of height and depth with something rewarding.
Tell Mom I love her in person.
Get completely wasted.
Go to Kings of Convenience, The Boy Least Likely To, and/or Earlimart live.
Be in a place where the sun don't set/rise for more than 24 hours.
Sleep on a grassfield underneath the stars , or sleep on a beach with a fire nearby.
Learn to play at least one musical instrument.
Implant adamantium claw. Ha!
Change the world for the better. To be decided: How.

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hypocrisyoftheday said...

aaaw.. yang keempat soo sweet...
*big hug*