Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fools Rush In

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the gooey goodness that is Zooey Deschanel*:

I was about to write a lengthy note about how sometimes out of a song, all it takes is just a phrase or a line in its lyrics, or a violin interlude to make it stuck in your head, but then I figured I can't really describe it. It would just be an exercise of futility.

It won't always make sense. What got me hooked to Saint Motel's "Butch" was "I can see us walking down the aisle." Yeah, I know, right? Speaking of which, I actually have a draft about the findings from massive SXSW torrent I downloaded earlier this year.

The best thing about that 8 GB worth of music torrent download was that it's legal. So not only I can feel generally cooler, listening to music from bands no-one ever heard about, it's kinda guilt-free.

We're practically swimming in the sea of illegally obtained music, movies, and series that it's honestly all too easy to take all that for granted. But really, we shouldn't.

Imogen Heap sure is not the only one. While artworks will always be produced, if only for its own sake, isn't it all too obvious that some (good quality) art would never see the light of day because the persons who would've created it thinks that it simply is not worth their time?

Surely it won't kill to once in a while, paying back for things we actually enjoy? After all, we pay for various things we don't need and we don't enjoy. Why should the reverse be applied for music--that entertains us and is actually enjoyable? And just so you know, CDs and live shows are three times as expensive here than in Indonesia**.

Which is why I feel grateful when an artist I like put his/her/their work for free. Or sometimes in exchange of your email address/tweet, but still, in essence, free. You can always delete a tweet later, or filter your mail if they starts flooding your inbox. That's how I got She & Him's "Fools Rush In" for free, in an exchange for Levi's sending mails to my inbox. Rogue Wave's "Solitary Gun"? A tweet.

* Do pardon the pun, please.
** Remember that there was a time when people actually saves up to buy casettes/records? Talk about caving in to instant gratification.

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