Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I imagine the guys working out in a gym are there for one reason only: to get a sixpack abs.
Agak tolol sih, maunya perut kotak-kotak kok malah latihan beban buat tangan.

No, not this one:
Karena yang ini kelebihan dua kotak.

This one:
"Hi, my name is Mr. Six-Pack Guy, and while I have women gaping at my abs, I prefer to keep my eye contact with the cameraman."

Well, either that's their main reason, or they're the type of guys who don't pee in the shower, too.
Liar, liar, pants on fir---ok I see now you have put out the fire.

But having never actually set foot in a gym, I can only imagine their look of epiphany when it dawned on them: six-packs are like God.

You worship it.
I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in google image search only to find that no one has made the necessary mash up between six-packs and halo.

You know from literature that it exists.
It's almost an insult to the word "literature" but they are written, so...

But it proves itself elusive.
When in doubt, add photoshop (bellybutton and correct anatomy be damned).

All you know is that it graced only select group of men.
Exhibit A: All Blacks rugby team, whose terribly fearsome Haka make them fit the definition of human only very loosely. (Exhibit B scrapped because the All Blacks posing for an underwear campaign is unfortunately too risqué for this blog)

Like, when was the last time you see a six-pack abs in real life? Have you ever actually seen them?
No, they're shy. That's why they went under these flabs to hide

It is totally within reach, though.
Six weeks.. 31 days.. 28 days... 17 days.. 9 days. Anggaplah kita percaya majalah ini, yang bener perlu waktu berapa lama?

Just mind the side effects.


RR said...

Hahahahaha ngakak kopral kopral, cara baru lo posting blog ya hanjir menarik juga

Masyhur Hilmy said...

Pengennya bikin lebih banyak post a la buzzfeed kayak gini tapi cari gambarnya yang cocok itu susye ternyataa