Friday, May 8, 2009

Books, Fair Books

I shared pretty much the same sentiment with Ella on Kompas Gramedia Fair, which was concluded last Sunday. Unlike Ella though, my excitement was created by two stand south of BIP and the pile of financial liberation and entrepreneurship: penerbit buku Kompas.

Though i only visited the fair at friday, it was IDR33K well spent: I bought four books. three of them are short stories antology (Iblis Ngambek, Kembali Ke Pangkal Jalan, and Sang Aktris), and one Pramoedya's book on Daendels. I meant to buy benny&mice's 100 tokoh and/or Pramoedya's Gadis Pantai, but as I don't bring enough money, the cheaper one will have to do.

The best thing was that the short stories antologies was extremely cheap. Tagged at IDR 5000, the price is still subject to 20% discount. I wouldn't dare to imagine the feeling of the writers, though. Hard work, sweat and blood, all equal to mere 50 sheets of empty papers. But I enjoy reading those (although I have yet to start reading Sang Aktris).

I also see N Riantiarno's book tagged at IDR8000, while only two weeks before that I bought the same book for IDR 18000 at Gramedia Ambarrukmo Plaza. Oh well. It was discounted 50 % already.

On a completely unrelated note, I thought I saw Liza tending the stand with the snake-and-ladder for kids when I visited the fair. but with my myopic sight, I didn't know for sure (was it really you?). And I feel a pang of guilt, as I have ignored SMSes from Persma for quite awhile now. But I sincerely wish them well.


Liza said...

iya.. itu gw! lagi nge-GJ jaga stand kompas muda bareng anak-anak. dan anak-anak yang lagi main itu anak dosen gw. wkwkwkwk..

oh.. lo minus ya, padahal gw manggil tau. kirain elonya lagi sombong. mentang-mentang lagi jalan bareng 4 cewek-cewek.. *syndrom raja minyak kebanyakan selir..* hahaha

hilmy said...

sebenernya lagi sombong juga sih, soalnya berasa kaya, bisa beli buku banyak, hahahaha. *raja minyak yang cuman bisa ngebeliin buku obralan buat selirnya.