Friday, May 29, 2009

The Perfect Day

Last week, Friday the 22nd, is one of the best day I ever had.

1. my train arrived on time in Klaten. and I just realized that one of the best moment everytime I am going home is the journey from train station to home. Paddy fields, dawn just breaking, clouds in the sky, fresh air from last night rain, unmistakable aroma of grass, morning chill with a warm sweater. Seriously, what else can you wish for a new day?

2. Ga jadi berurusan sama calo.
My passport is about to expire, and reading isman's guide for making passport, I wish my experience won't be that bad. 5 years ago, I had to resort to calo so that the passport will be ready in a day. but when I confirmed my query to the officer at immigration office Surakarta, he said I can make a new one in Bandung. So, the matter now not really pressing, I can relax.

3. Arrived home back at 1 pm, I miraculously escape a tedious meeting that is supposed to be laded with pleasantries. Man, I guess my uncle should stop impose his love relationship ideals to his nephews and nieces. But the meeting did not take place. so HUAHAHAHAHAHA there.

4. Took nap until 3, then getting ready to go to jogja. first stop: stasiun Klaten. found out there that Lodaya ticket for sunday night is sold out. no biggie, I can make a query at stasiun tugu. and it was not rain on the way, just a drop here and there, and I was dry again in 2 minutes.

5. Took a queue number: 796. number just called: 756. But when I was filling the form, somebody gave me his queue number, don't know why. his was 766. Marvellous, I'm on a roll here!

5. Lodaya is sold out, but there's mutiara selatan, departing only 10 minutes after lodaya. I'll take that.
But upon further inspection, the clerk gave me a seat numbered with 3A. no-no-no-no-no-no! but when I asked her if I can change seat, she did it and change my seat to 8B. Rarely i am so happy purchasing a ticket.

6. upon my exit from the ticket reservation center, I decided to walk to malioboro, it's close anyway. when I reached malioboro mall I decided I should get some water, so I went to Hero. And there I was offered a free beng-beng! Aduh mbak-mbaknya baik. But I guess she's being paid for it. but still, a free item that I actually enjoy.

7. And there's periplus just outside Hero. Have been awhile. did not actually have any plan to buy any books, but I found some are put on special price. ended up spending 65K for two books (Stephen White - Kill Me, and Diane - A Breath of Snow and Ashes). Thick books! somebody please slap me if you happen to accompany me at a bookstore. I still have daendels-pram, sang aktris, and sum of all fears laying around forgotten in my room, and I buy two more books? I just can't resist.

8. I almost got lost in jogja, my disorientation not helping to find my way to XXI from malioboro, but I made it in time! and finally, Watchmen. shame on you, theatres in bandung! 160 minutes later, we got out of the theatres hungry (all 4 of us) and happily happy from watching the movie (I guess it's just me of all 4). It definitely meets my expectation of the complex plot and the depth reviewed in many blog I read. and the BLOOD! the special effect! I got hooked the minute the opening credit started.

9. we ate at this seafood place that seems to be located close to sanatadharma. I might be wrong, but the cumi hot plate is good. yummy! mouth-watering yummy. delicious! Scrumptious! Mmmmm.

10. and best of all, I got home just a few minutes after 10 pm, and still dry! all is well for a day. And I have written all that, should be something to remember when I feels down.

Eh, kelupaan satu: pas keluar dari bioskop, dibilang ganteng! AHAHAHAHA. sama danti sih, tapinya trus cindy juga bilang "agak bersihan kamu mas," The number speaks. how can it not be objective. and there's no single reference to my sandal swallow. this was as good as it gets.

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