Thursday, March 4, 2010

On marking mistakes

So the plenary session was shameful. Anyone with half the intelligence of a feline will know that was disgraceful.

On the other hand, some say that the brouhaha is a forward step than the sleeping House. The dumb and blind yea-sayer.

Surely there's a middle ground?

Also, this is today's question: aren't we the one who puts them there to begin with? So when we shame them, in effect, are we not shaming out our own past incapability to make an informed decision?

Seeing all this, then vowing ignorance in future election will be one of the most dangerous thing to choose.

Admittedly, ignorance is the easy way out. it also require no hard work on our part.

But where should we start to disentangle the messiness that is Indonesian politics? Let's know everything that is there to know about. Let's find out everything about this Century bailout. Then, let's make a decision of our own.

Let's not support Sri Mulyani or Boediono simply because a lot of people say so. Or, god forbid, because that’s what foreign press says. On the other hand, let's not hate and debase them just because some people shout bailout is evil on the top of their lungs. Let's decide for ourselves.

We often argue that the people, the grassroots level people are capable of making a sound and rational decision. We are those people. If we say we are smart and rational, let's act like it.

We shall mark those who can perform, and those who fail to deliver in today's Senayan so that we don't make the same mistake twice.

Decision by elimination process. it sometimes is the best guide to determine the best estimate. Also, this way we shall not be daunted by the sheer number of candidates come the next election time. Or by the glossy blurbs and TV spots.

Let's also be optimist. What are the chances that we can't find a handful of men and women truly worthy of our votes in the future? When we have 229.965.000 of people, even the smallest possibility may result in tangible number.

And come 2014, let's not forget everything that has unfolded.


ninitninit said...

Oh, Century...(forgive me for being bias)
it makes us all stay late at the office (me not include of course because I am invisible )... oia, you should see the student groups (i think they're fake student and paid to do that) do demonstration almost everyday in front of my office..
the most ridiculous students action of them said that SBY should impeach SMI because She is Zinonist...'_'

lo ngikutin Century juga dr Kyoto?

*this is my 4th trial..berhak mendapatkan payung cantik..!!

Arema said...

"Let's know everything that is there to know about." <--- For average Joe like me, the only information source accessible are the newspapers and TV reports, but alas, NONE of them is impartial. Each one of them is owned by the contending parties. News sources owned by Golkar dignitaries (Bakrie&Paloh) cover the subject from Golkar's perspective, while the others tend to cover from the opposite perspective. It is next to impossible for us to know the truth. Was the whole circus orchestrated by Bakrie who opposed SMI reform efforts, just as SMI claimed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal? Or did SMI and B help engineer the laws to allow for circumstances where money flew to Demokrat party pockets? We will NEVER know! Ever!
We are just like a poor shipwrecked steerman tossed two and fro by turbulent sea, agitated by two wind, borrowing Vivaldi wording :) Watch here, maginificent performance of "Agitata da due Venti".