Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

I thought I'd better not blog about the Kings of Convenience live show last week (and keep it all solely in my memory), but then I decided against myself during another round of toilet epiphany. Also, initially a bit torn whether to post this in my posterous or this blog (as posterous will create a nice alliteration with my intention: for posterity's sake).

The events leading up to the event itself was not entirely favorable, having realised that I had inadvertently missed out Jamie Cullum live show the night before because I mixed up the date. The trip from Kyoto itself also was not pleasant: neither during the bus ride to Kyoto station or the train ride to Shin Osaka station I got a seat. Almost two hours fidgeting on my feet. I was, however, pleasantly surprised finding out the Kyoto-Osaka train ride was faster than I expected.

So I came to Club Quattro, and silently stifle my excitement upon seeing that the venue was really no bigger than the multimedia room in TVST ITB. I mean, yay, it won't be a mob-like crowd! The only thing I regret was upon seeing that all the seats are taken, I then decided to secure a spot against a railing in the back. Still a great view (I made sure I had my glasses with me when I left for campus), but considerably further from the stage. When I first arrived, there was still ample room in the front, but I can't really bear the thought of having to stand up for a long while.

Stage not that far, even from where I stand.

The show itself started a bit late, around ten or fifteen past seven, and when the duo showed up (I remembered thinking this upon seeing Eirik Boe: the hair. it's like he's coming straight from the Riot album art), they started playing right away.

Now here comes the part where my description won't do justice: I am sad to say that the show didn't magically alleviate me of tired legs. I can't say that they seemed like deities, and partly glad of that. And they put on one great show.

See? Even I can't comprehend what I was trying to say.

Anyway, it was a very engaging show. Which at some points reminds me of waiting Apresiasi Sastra class to start, listening to their Live in Rome recording. It was a little bit like that and then some. If you didn't catch the show at another city, give it a listen. Even from audio recording alone, you can feel the vibe.

Several songs into the show, Erlend Oye disappeared quite a while from the stage to look for water and towel, and when he came back, he was bringing extra water bottles and paper cups for people near the stage! I looked at my own drink, empty long before the show started, and the bar was closed during the show. So that was a major reason of my regret being in the back railing*.

The water part come as no surprise, really, because the room, being packed, was a bit hot. I myself took off my sweater not long after the show started. I think it was when Erlend went looking for the water, Eirik said to the audience that he needed to unbutton his shirt a bit more. Naturally, somebody in the audience then shouted, "Take off your pants!**"

Another memorable bit of their performance was when they played I'd rather dance with you. Erlend actually went down from the stage and dance in the middle of the audience! I really can't imagine him doing that in Sabuga. (If you were in Sabuga and he did exactly that, please, please, please don't burst my little happiness bubble here.)

It was overall a really great show, I can't imagine a better way of spending a Tuesday night, or a better way to spend 5800 yen (and 500 for drink) here. I really wouldn't have mind if the show continue for another hour; I wished I had snapped some pictures during the show (my search for pics from the show on flickr two days later was not fruitful); I cursed my iPod for failing to save the audio recording, but hey, we can't all have what we wanted, can we?

After all, it was a night I spend most of it smiling inside.

*Yes, I know what you're muttering: Murah. But it didn't really surprise you, isn't it? Coming from a guy happily eaten free lunch in Kobe before he was tricked into present in--oh nevermind.
**I'm not sure, tapi rasanya yang teriak ini adalah bapak-bapak bule botak yang tinggi halfway the distance between me and the stage. Which made me realized (even more) kalo banyak penontonnya yang bule. Hence my tweet about height that night :D

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